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I am at the Kingston Farmer's Market every Saturday  every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday weather permitting in May.

2021 Season Workshops - ON HOLD Till further notice

$10.00 deposit required upon booking.

 refreshments will be provided for each workshop

Call to book your spot @ 613 583-4488

Garden Fairy Workshops 

( Mother & Daughter/Son/ Grandmother & Granddaughter/Grandson)

Create your own fairy garden

 #1 - 1 pm. - Ages 4 & up

 #2-  6pm.- Ages 4 & up

Fee $ 35.00 - This includes a basic pot or you can bring your own, ( If pot is larger, an additonal fee may be added for soil)  A variety of plants suitable for a fairy garden, decorative rocks, and a fairy of our choice is included in this price. You can pick from our large assortment of our fairy accessories and plants to add in addition to what is provided at an additional cost . A detailed instruction as to what plants work best with each other in the same pot that are suitable for a fairy garden and how to care for them. Instructions include the care and the process for winterizing your garden for indoors or outside. We even include the fairy dust....

Create & Build Your Own Rustic/ Enchanted Fairy House  $25

 Just adults  / #1 - 11 am.

 Parent and child /    #2 - 6pm. 

We will supply everything you need to create your own unique fairy house using all natural materials. 

Succulent Wreath Created By You - $55.00 - On hold till further notice

Age 15 & up

#1 - 11am

#2 - 2 pm.

This Workshop is going to book up fast so get your spot reserved to avoid disappointment.

Includes all the materials to make your own succulent wreath. Frame, moss, succulents and instruction on how to make it from start to finish. The care of how to water it and maintain it's beauty throughout the season. Winterizing and maintenance for the following year will also be discussed.

These wreaths sell retail starting at $89.99 plus taxes.

New Annuals    

 We have many NEW varieties and we will try to get them all posted as soon as we can.

Crazytunia Star Jubilee we have in stock for 2018 once again! Limited quantities

Combo Basket - Afternoon Bliss /  Image source: Proven Winners

Nemesia Sunsatia Blood Orange - dainty clumps of vivid to soft oranges


Superbells Frostfire-Small white mini petunia with star -shaped yellow centre - have in stock for 2020

Supertunia Honey- larger soft apricot colour variations

Do not have in stock for 2020

Great for hanging basket combos, or planters.

We are growing all 3 varieties in this basket this coming season.


Our Tomato Selection - 2019




Perfect for popular upside down tomato planters. Trailing pliable stems hold the small red sweet fruit (5-9) per stem. Well branched stems are wind resistant.
If you have tried these upside down planters before and haven't had much luck, you probably planted the wrong kind of tomato plant in it. Try Topsy Tom this year! We will be selling the plants only, not the containers.
Never-ending supply of delicious cherry tomatoes.
Recommended to try in 2014!
We grew this variety last year upside down and the results were unbelievable! Very prolific, sweet flavour, produced until frost. 


Many new varieties of Heirloom Tomato plants available in 2019

Big Beef
Yellow Brandywine

Oxheart Red n/a in 2020
Costoluto Genevese - n/a 2020
Dinner Plate 
Mennonite n/a 2020
Missouri Pink Apple  n/a 2020
Julia Child Apple   n/a in 2020
Heinz 9129   n/a in 2020
Italian Tree (1937) -Can grow up to 25 feet tall  n/a

Sicilian Saucer- n/a 2020
Large Red n/a 2020
Gigantesque n/a 2020
Cuostralee n/a 2020
Mortgage Lifter (Radiator Charlie variety) 
Moneymaker Organic n/a in 2020

  • Chocolate Cherry- very popular!
  • Yellow Pear
  • Red Pear
  • Chocolate Pear (NEW)
  • Golden Gem n/a 2020
  • Sweet & Neat Red n/a 2020
  • Matt's Wild Red Cherry   n/a 2020
  • Red Grape 
  • Cosack Pineapple Ground Cherry
  • Tomatillos n/a 2020


  • Teardrop n/a 2020
  • Amy's Apricot n/a in 2020
  • Amy's Sugar Gem n/a in 2020
  • Sungold- (Most Popular cherry type) 
  • Indigo Cherry Drops-


Osu Blue -Yes Blue! Not technically an heirloom, 2" tomatoes are high in anthocyanin (found in blueberries) They ripen from green to deep blue to reddish when fully ripe. Very productive and quite tasty. Open-pollinated. ( Huge hit in every season!) Very tasty, easy to grow, prolific, and beautiful colour!

  • Black Seaman n/a in 2020
  • Black Krim 
  • Big Rainbow n/a 2020
  • Black Cherry
  • Black Plum n/a 2020
  • Black from Tula n/a in 2020
  • Black Prince n/a 2020
  • Black Brandywine
  • Black Zebra n/a in 2020
  • Japanese Trifele Black n/a in 2020
  • Amazon Chocolate n/a 2020
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Cherokee Chocolate n/a 2020
  • Chocolate Stripes n/a 2020
  • Purple Prince n/a 2020
  • Prudens Purple 

  • Big Rainbow n/a 2020
  • Pineapple
  • Striped German n/a 2020
  • Old German/a 2020
  • Hillbilly
  • Old Flame n/a in 2020
  • Red Zebra
  • Gold Medal  n/a 2020
  • Mortgage Lifter Bi-colour n/a in 2020


  • Roma - San Marzano
  • Roma

NEW- Artisian Tomatoes -

Taste as Good as They Look! 

Artisian Collection pictured above


Blush- pictured above  

Bumble Bee Series -

Pink Bumble Bee

Sunrise Bumble Bee  
Purple Bumble Bee 

Other Tomato Varieties

Chef's Choice Orange n/a 2020
Sweet 100
Supersweet 100
Sweet Million
Tiny Tim
Tumbling Tom Yellow n/a 2020

Tumbling Tom Red
Sweet Gold  n/a 2020

Golden Gem  n/a 2020
Little Sun Yellow n/a 2020

Yellow Currant

Manitoba n/a 2020
Ultra Girl
Early Girl

Ultra Boy
Basketvee  n/a 2020
Bonnie Best
Big Beef  

Better Boy 




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